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Most Physicians have lost the pearl that was once an intimate part of the medicine, and that is humanism. Machinery, efficiency and precision have driven from the heart warmth, compassion, sympathy, and concern for the individual. - Frederick Stenn, Associate Professor at Northwestern Medical School.

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News - Full Spectrum Healing - published in 'Issues Magazine' (October/November 2006).

Hospitals for me were very familiar places as a child. I spent many of my early childhood years in hospitals as I was so ill. The doctors thought that I had Cystic Fibrosis but in fact I did not, I had a strange allergy to some form of dust particle which took years of tests to work out what it actually was and in the end they still were not able to work out exactly what the problem was. The end result was that I spent many years in an oxygen tent and in various clinics. Many of my earliest childhood friends died before they reached the age of six or seven and that left an indelible impression upon me. These experiences remained with me even when I completed post-graduate studies in Spirituality at the Angelicum in Rome, Italy. I specialized in ‘Fear of Death and Dying’ and in particular the work of Elizabeth Kubler-Ross. Previously I had studied Biology at the University of Sussex with John Maynard-Smith and already begun to realize the links between Medicine, Healing and Spirituality. I came to regard the body as an organic whole but more that it exists within an aura with which it is in a permanent state of interaction. I read more and more and talked with people who were also aware of this corporeal envelope. This eventually lead me to studying with those proficient in working with the Human Aura and Energy Field. I learnt that a biological reality is created from a an energy template and that psychological and physiological anomalies and defects could be corrected biologically by focussing on and working with the frequencies contained within this energy template. This template, which can be regarded as the higher levels of the aura, lead me to Full Spectrum Healing or Auric Healing. With these techniques I can create real biological improvements for illnesses by actually working with the Human Energy Field.

Copyright 2006 Ruan Joshua Harding


Dr. Ernst Friedrich and Marion Blumberg - 1961


Dr. E. F. Blumberg was a pioneer in Radium Therapy as was his father Jacob Moritz Blumberg who founded an Institute in Germany linked with the Curie Institute. Ernst worked also as a reconstructive plastic surgeon with Sir Archibald McIndoe (founder of The Guinea Pig Club for WWII pilots suffering with severe burn injuries) at St. James' Hospital, London - now St. George's Hospital, Tooting, London.
The inside flycover of his book 'HEALTH through radium therapy' published in 1950 by Hammond Hammond reads as follows:
Unknown to the general public and to many doctors, great progress has been made in recent years in developing irradiation techniques for dealing with human disorders other than cancer.
In this book Dr, Blumberg explains practical methods by which radium treatment can be applied to many diseases which are normally dealt with - not always successfully - by medicines, injections, surgery, or psychotherapy. Impressed by the rapid advance of atomic science, he is convinced that, through the increasing production of radio-active substances from atom-piles, the benefits of radioactive therapy may, within a few years, be within the reach of many millions who have hitherto been denied such treatment by reason of scarcity and expense.
As a doctor who has specialised in radium therapy for twelve years, he is able to quote many instances from his voluminous case-books in which major and minor diseases have been brought under control, and often cured, by courses of irradiation. The method involves neither pain nor inconvenience to the patients. There is no danger of surgical shock nor is there need for prolonged interruption of the patient's daily life.
The book is deliberately presented in simple, non-technical language, its general aim being to stimulate a more widespread interest in radio-active therapy, in the hope that, when radio-active materials from atom-piles become more easily accessible, there will be a sufficiently large body of trained radium practitioners available to put them to their fullest and most beneficial use in the service of suffering humanity.

News - Ross Freake Article (Kelowna Courier - Canada)

Transitions’ – article by Ross Freake published Monday, October 23rd, 2006 in

The Daily Courier (Kelowna, Canada).



Each Walk is Unique


Joshua Ruan was baptized, anointed and given first communion by Pope John Paul II, but he isn’t a typical Catholic.

"It’s part of my spirituality, but my belief systems and spirituality don’t fall into an institutionalized framework."

At the Vatican, the spiritual healer and medical intuitive also taught catechism to families of the Swiss Guards and worked on the Interdisciplinary Dictionary of Science and Faith.

That’s just part of the long journey of the boy from Winnipeg.

When he was four, Ruan developed what doctors thought was cystic fibrosis, and he spent a lot of time in oxygen tents, hospitals and clinics. Many of the children he befriended there died.

"Those were spiritual awakenings, and I began thinking about what happened when you passed."

After numerous tests and being treated as human pincushion for years, doctors concluded it wasn’t CF, but a severe allergic reaction to a dust particle.

When he was 12, his parents moved back to England, and when he grew up, he went to the University of Sussex, where he studied biology with John Maynard Smith.

"He was a great man, a pioneering figure in evolutionary theory."

Smith encouraged interdisciplinary study and, at his urging, Ruan went into music. He was working as a music teacher and composer in London when the universe came knocking.

"In 1997, I had a temperature of 105 for a number of days. I had lost a lot of weight and had problems with my lungs. I went to the doctor, and she said ‘I don’t think you’re going to last that long.’"

One night, thinking he was going to die in his sleep, he had a chat with the universal force. "I said I don’t know what you are, but I believe you are a creative force. I believe I’m here for a reason. I haven’t found that reason.

"If I’m to pass on, fine, but if you want me to continue, at least show me something. I fell asleep, and I felt the presence of a powerful force and heard this gorgeous music.

"I woke up with no temperature. My lungs were pretty much clear. The terrible throat I’d had for a week was gone. That day, the phone rang, and it was an offer for work in Rome.

"I interpreted that as a sign. From that point forward, I put my life completely in divine hands."

In Rome, he was befriended by the Princess Gonzaga, who introduced him to Padre Nino, a famous spiritual healer and mystic.

"He talked to me about converting to Catholicism, and I was introduced to Padre Stefano Canuto, who subsequently became a good friend. I studied spirituality with him, as well as with Nino.

"When it came time to be baptized, the Princess Gonzaga said I have a gift for you. ‘You’re going to be baptized by the pope.’"

After the ceremony, which he has on tape, he chatted with the pope.

"He had great presence; an electrical charisma. You knew you were in the presence of someone wonderful. He said he loved Canada."

A year later, when Ruan married, he and his wife, Simona, were blessed by the pope.

Soon after, Ruan started post-graduate work in spirituality at the Angelicum Pontifical University. In addition to working in the Vatican, Ruan often worked as an intuitive.

"I had grown up having psychic abilities. Over there, they call it intuitive. Very often, Stefan introduced me to people and asked me what I thought of them. Princess Gonzaga had quite high-profile people for dinner and would ask what I thought of them. I did a lot of that kind of work."

Ruan said there is part of Catholicism in which mystical healing is regarded as perfectly normal, and he heard about many healers, not only saints of the past, but present day ones, the most famous being Padre Pio, who was canonized a few years ago.

"Mystical healing had to be within it if the religion was founded on the teachings of Jesus. Jesus was a preacher and a teacher, but he was also a great healer, and the physical healing was a reflection of the spiritual healing he was seeking to bring about."

The universe still had lessons to teach him, and one was about relationships and divorce.

"I learned from it and learned to appreciate my contact with the divine and to put my faith and my life in God’s hands, and it takes me where it does."

It took him to Kelowna as an energy healer.

"Energy work for me is spiritual healing. I put my hands on your feet and run the energy up and down to balance and harmonize your energy field and work with you on various emotion, physical and psychological ailments that you might have.

"My perception of the world changed after ’97. Things I had taken for granted before had meaning and weight. I don’t believe in chance occurrence anymore. When I met someone, I knew they were there for a reason, and I wanted to know what it was.

"I believe that the universe was created for a purpose. I think part of our walk in life is to figure out what the purpose is and how we fit into it, and each walk is unique."